Sound of Silence: Why Doctor Moms are Burning Out 14

    This week is ACOG’s Physician Wellness Week, dedicated to raising awareness and emphasizing the importance of physician wellness. This piece describes a common source of burnout for doctor moms, the illusion of “having it all.” Details of this story have been changed to protect privacy.   By Georgia […]

Examining the Link Between Postpartum Depression and Pitocin

Does Pitocin cause postpartum depression? If you believe headlines like these (“Pitocin Use May Increase Risk of Postpartum Depression”), you might think so. But a closer look at the study reveals the headlines are not always what they seem.

Depression and Birth Control: Is there really a link?

A new study recently came out linking hormonal birth control with depression, and people are understandably concerned. Many women feel blindsided, and doctors aren’t sure how to address these fears. However, a careful analysis of the study shows that some of the concerns may be overblown.

You are NOT a failure 2

She holds back tears as she looks up at me. She’s been pushing for hours with little progress.

“I’m so tired.”

“I know you are, momma.” Her face is red and sweaty from her effort.

Making the Cut- Episiotomy in Modern Obstetrics

Episiotomy has been in the news quite a bit lately. There is the woman suing her obstetrician for assault for a “forced episiotomy.” Another woman recently won a $50 million lawsuit against her obstetrician for complications that arose after her second delivery (with another provider) which she claims were caused by the episiotomy performed during her first delivery. ACOG also recently published a Practice Bulletin on the “Prevention and management of obstetric lacerations” that addresses episiotomy use. Wow. That’s quite a lot of debate over one small cut.

Do I Have To?- The Annual Pelvic Exam

It’s that time of year again, mommas. You knew this day would come. You prepared. You shaved your legs, trimmed the, ahem, hedges, and maybe even painted your toenails. You get dressed in the tiniest of gowns and drape a sheet over your lap. Feet in stirrups, slide down.

Sex After Baby

It’s time for your six week checkup, mommas, and you know what that means. No, not stirrups. SEX. Remember sex? Most women are cleared for intercourse after their six week postpartum visit. But are you ready? Here are five things you may not know about sex after baby.