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Choosing a Birth Control Method 76

For many women and couples, side effects are a critical factor in choosing a birth control method. Side effects can be quite varied, from method to method as well as person to person. Not every user will have every possible side effect, but it’s important to understand the possibilities, almost all of which are temporary and will resolve when the method is stopped.

Choosing a Birth Control Method

People have been trying to control family size throughout history, but with the advent of modern contraception, it’s become easier and easier to plan pregnancies. This is because modern methods, in addition to being safer, are more effective than many methods used previously.

Choosing a Birth Control Method

Imagine showing up at a travel agency, saying you’d like to go on vacation, and then asking the travel agent to recommend a trip. Who knows if you’d be happy with the trip they ended up booking. Choosing a birth control method has a lot in common with planning a vacation.