Give Birth Like a Goddess 2

“Sure. You’ll be asking for an epidural when labor hits.”
“Contractions are the worst pain ever. There is no way.”
“Anyone who chooses not to get an epidural needs intense psychiatric evaluation and treatment.”
“I thought I was going to die. You need one.”

Choosing a Birth Control Method

Imagine showing up at a travel agency, saying you’d like to go on vacation, and then asking the travel agent to recommend a trip. Who knows if you’d be happy with the trip they ended up booking. Choosing a birth control method has a lot in common with planning a vacation.

Breastfeeding Stress? It’s NOT a Test!

As a physician, most of my training and career has depended on me doing well on tests. I could study and memorize and practice, and it ultimately would lead to a good grade or accomplishment of my goal.

But, there was one thing that I failed at no matter how hard I tried: breastfeeding.

5 Steps to Skin-to-Skin in the OR 4

Skin-to-skin in the operating room can be challenging for several reasons. The good news is that a lot of Ob/Gyns want to change things too! Here are some tips on how you can do your part in this revolution!

#twinning- The Diagnosis 3

“Do you see what I see?” asked my partner. I was certain we wouldn’t be able to see anything yet. But there it was….staring back at me. Was that an owl? An owl with two round black, beady eyes.

How Long to Wait When Baby is Late

As if being pregnant for a million years isn’t hard enough, the pressure of everyone knowing your expiration date just intensifies it. Everyone understands that having a baby too early can be dangerous, but what about too late?